Monday, September 1, 2008

Hostage To Pleasure By Nalini Singh

Nalini is celebrating her new release by having a contest for bloggers. Check it out here:


I think I would have to pick George Clooney to hold me hostage. Love his charisma, dimples, and he is one man who really still looks great as he gets older. Have liked him since the Roseanne and Facts Of Life days.

I am looking forward to reading the latest addition to the Psy series. Can't wait to dive into Hostage Of Pleasure.

Hope to post a review when I am done.

Another try

Obviously I am not very good at keeping up a blog. Funny great thoughts go through my head but when I set down to actually write something every thing just seems to go right out the window.

Hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend. Mine was really good. Nice and relaxing.

I feel for the folks in the south..NO in particular. Another hurricane is disrupting their lives. Hopefully this one will not cause the havic Katrina did. So far the levees have held so that is a good sign. I have a special fondness for LA especially for NO as that's where my mom was originally from so we visted there quite a bit. Most of my family that is still there lives in Northern Louisiana so they should be safe from the hurricane and will just get heavy rains

Hope to start posting more in the future.

Been reading Jo Davis' Trial By Fire...wonderful book. Fantastic first release can't wait for the next in the series.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How many books did you read last year??

Saw this interesting article on yahoo today stating that one in four Americans read ZERO books last year.

Link to the artical is above. Anyhow I find that quite interesting wonder what that is saying about our country? So how many books would you way you read last year?

I don't keep count but I would guess mine would be around 100 or so.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ethel's Chocolate Lounge

So my friend and coworker went to Chicago over the weekend to visit her daughter. I jokingly told her to remember to bring me a surprise. She came back with some chocolate from someplace called Ethel's Chocolate lounge.

This place sounds relly cool. It's in the form of Starbucks if you will except their specialty of course is chocolate. The website if you want to check it out is

They have several locations in and around the Chicago area and according to their web site they are also located in Las Vegas. Sounds like a special way to spend an afternoon with your girlfriends . The chocolate covered strawberries look Divine and the fondue sounds YUMMY!!!

If you live in or around any of these shops check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.

BTW my friend brought me a hunk of milk chocolate with cashews and some dark chocolate with nuts and dried fruit mixed in. Both were YUMMY.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend Plans

Hey all--

Thank goodness the weekend is finally here. It has been a long busy week in my neck of the woods and I plan to just chill on the weekend. Don't have any big plans or anything....just not working.

May try and catch a movie tomorrow. I kind of want to see Hairspray...not sure what else is playing.

Tonight I am going by the bookstore to see if they have gotten the new RT in. Checked earlier in the week and the old one was still there. Also usually set for an hour or so and read all the new magazines that catch my eye. One has to stay on top of all the celebrity gossip and such you know.

I have been a bad blogger this week. I had planned to post alot more but time just got away from me. Hopefully I will do better next week.

So does anyone have any big plans for the weekend? If so please share. I hope you all have a relaxing and restful couple of days off. Oh and you coffee lover's don't forget that Monday is free iced coffee day at McDonalds. See you all on Monday!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday freebies...

I tried to post this here yesterday but the blogger was will try again today.

I admit it I am a coffee junkie. Have been getting my daily java jolt for the past couple of weeks at McDonald's. They have this new iced coffee that tastes YUMMY. In my area it comes in three flavors regular, vanilla and hazelnut (surprisingly my favorite) Anyway when I went to get my fix yesterday morning I learned that every Monday in august is free iced coffee Monday. You can get a Medium for free and I don't think you need to buy anything either because when I ordered my large the clerk informed me that you could get a medium for free. I went ahead and got my usual but got the free one and gave it to a coworker. Have to admit that I made another stop on the way home and got a free one for me.

So anyhow if you like iced coffee, give McDonald's a try on the next three Monday's in August. You can't beat free...wish Starbucks would have this type of offer. Enjoy!!!!

James Patterson's latest The Quickie can easily be read in one setting.
Lauren Stillwell desides to surprise her husband for lunch, however the surprise is on her as on her way to his office she spots him walking down the street with a pretty blonde and entering a hotel. Later that evening she gives him a chance to explain things when she askes what he did for lunch. He lies and says he had a sandwich at his desk.
Feeling betrayed Lauren soon desides to have a "quickie "of her own with a coworker who has been flirting with her for months. One thing leads to another and Lauren's fling soon ends up dead and she is in the middle of the investigation of his death. to make matters worse Lauren strongly suspects her husband is the killer.
This book is full of twists and turns that the reader won't see coming. Patterson's style of writing in very short chapters will keep the reader turning pages well into the night.
Although this book has strong romance elements this book is not a romance but more of a mystery who done it type thing. As a romance reader I normally don't like a cheating story line but it does work well in this story and makes one think what would you do and how far would you go to save someone you loved? The Quickie is the latest example of why Patterson is at the top of his game and always on the best seller lists. His fans will snap up this book fast and he should acquire new readers to his work as well.
I am anxiously awaiting his next release September 11th called You've Been Warned.